The next school holiday is Easter, how are you going to keep the kids entertained? What if it rains all holiday? That’s the day trips to the beach or the park out of the window. Well, I have just the thing for you. Read on for some crafts to help get you through the Easter holidays.

Pom Pom Chicks

How cute are these! Pom poms are really fun and easy to make. Add a couple of googly eyes and some other easy features and there you have it, a super cute chick. Why not make some chocolate nests for the chicks to sit in too!


Sock bunny’s

Kids of any age will love making these and bonus, you should have everything you need already in your house.


Potato Easter egg stamp

Enjoy making fun pictures with the kids using only potatoes and paint. Let them get creative with patterns and colours. The messy crafts are the most fun!


Stick Chicks

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Make use of those old ice lolly sticks and make these cute chicks.


Easter Egg Rocks

While you’re all out on a walk or at the park, pick up some rocks that you can paint and turn into pretty Easter eggs. Once they are painted and dried, you can hide them around the house or garden for them to find.


Glitter Slime

What kid doesn’t like slime eh!?


Bunny planters

What better way to display some daffodils than in these cute planters decorated by your little treasures.



Let’s be Bunnies! What better way to spend a few hours over the Easter holidays than making bunny hats and noses?!


Egg Hunt

What kid doesn’t like an egg hunt? This is a link for free printable’s with clues. While they are off running around finding the next clue, put your feet up and enjoy some ‘me time’, your welcome!


Easter baking

No Easter holiday would be complete without some baking. These are simple and easy to do with kids of all ages.

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