I have just completed my first project using the entrelac technique of knitting. I made a baby’s cot blanket using a multi-coloured yarn and the finished effect was stunning with the blocks of colour slowly changing from grey through pinks and finally blues.


essentially the technique creates a pattern which resembles woven basket-like rows. I used a yarn which changed colour as it was knitted but the technique is very effective using blocks of different colours. It seems complicated at first and I would recommend practising the technique before you embark on your first project. There are quite a lot of steps to learn but it is really easy and the end result looks amazing, well worth the extra effort. I am certainly not an expert and I found it very straightforward. Follow the pattern step by step and trust yourself, you will be impressed with what you can produce. I would recommend viewing a tutorial before you begin and have a practise. A tip, if you are considering knitting a blanket, is to use circular needles, there are a lot of stitches and the blanket gets quite heavy as it grows. Talking about growing, because you are knitting in blocks it feels like your work is growing much faster than standard knitting in rows which works well for the motivation to keep going. Have a go, I am sure you will enjoy a mastering a new technique, before you know where you are you will be making socks, bags, jumpers, shawls – who knows where it will end!

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