I have just discovered that an old unloved t-shirt can be given a new lease of life in about 1 hour. What was previously destined for the bin or possible to the rag bag can be transformed from this,

to this.

It’s very simple and soo much fun.

The first thing you need is a t-shirt without side seams, a pair of good sharp scissors is an essential tool.

Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface, you now need to remove the top just under the sleeves and also remove any printing you may have on the t-shirt.

Remove the Hem and you are left with a tube of plain t-shirt fabric.

Fold this tube up, but not all the way to the top – leave about 2 cm at the top.

The next step is to mark it, at about 1.5cm intervals. You could make it slightly thinner and you would therefore make more yarn out of the t-shirt but, don’t make it thinner than 1 cm or you risk the fabric snapping when you begin to pull it into the yarn. You can, of course, make it thicker, depending on your intended finished project.

Use chalk to mark it out top and bottom so that you get even strips when you cut. When you cut the strips take your cut through the top piece of fabric but leave the top 2 cm.

When you have cut the whole piece into strips – fold down the 2 layers and then open out so that you have the uncut top 2 cm laid out in front of you.

The next thing to do is to create 1 continuous strip by cutting from one side of the fabric on an angle to the other side. lay the fabric flat and use a straight edge and chalk to draw a line from one side to the other to give you a guide.

Start on one side at the bottom and cut across to the first cut on the other side, do this from bottom to top and you will be left with one continuous strip of fabric.

Take one end of the fabric about 10cm long and begin to pull it. Don’t pull too hard, it will stretch and curl at the sides forming t-shirt yarn.

Isn’t that amazing, roll your yarn as you carry on pulling.

Wow, 1 ball of t-shirt yarn completely free with just a little effort, those old t-shirts will never see the bin again.

With the aid of the Hooked pattern book, I decided to make the storage basket on page 88.

This is a nice easy beginner pattern ( which I definitely am ) it’s done by starting with a ring, increasing every row until you have the desired width and simply decreasing until the opening is the size you want.  Add a hanger and you have a useful little storage space, I have used mine to hold oddments of yarn.

Give it a go – this is true recycling.

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