Crochet Kit Joe The Donkey

This cute and cuddly donkey is crocheted with our recycle cotton yarn Eco Barbante and is about 17 cm high. This Hoooked crochet kit guarantees hours of crochet fun and you will end up with a very cute unicorn to give away or to cuddle with! U

This kit contains:
– 1 bobbin Eco Barbante Biscuit a 200g.
– 1 bobbin Eco Barbante Almond a 50g.
– some black leftovers for the details
– a crochet hook

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Why Hooked?

Hooked yarns are made from recycled materials from the textile industry and their knitting needles and crochet hooks are made from environmentally friendly bamboo. The needles are light, smooth, not treated with chemical products and very pleasant to work with.